The Gospel

The Good News (Gospel)

"For God so loved the world that he sent his only son, that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life." -John 3:16

The Plan of Salvation

God created Earth and everything in it, and it was very good. But all people have sinned, meaning that none of us are perfect and we have all at one point or another failed to follow God's commands. We can't do enough to earn the right to live forever in Heaven with God. But God, in His great love for us, made a way that we could be forgiven for all that we have done wrong. Jesus, the son of God, came to Earth and lived a perfect life. He took the punishment for our sin and died on the cross. Three days later he rose from the grave, defeating sin and death. We can have eternal life by placing our faith in Jesus as our savior.

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HEAR – Romans 10:17
In order to follow Christ, it’s important to first hear God’s word. The good news is that God sent his son, Jesus Christ, for us. Jesus lived a perfect life and died for our sins. Then, on the third day, God raised Jesus from the dead. We can now have forgiveness of all our wrong-doings and live for eternity with God because of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. Though we will all die some day, God will raise us back to life just as he did his Son. Those who believe in Him will have eternal life with God. Those who reject Him will be condemned. 
BELIEVE – John 1:11-12, Romans 10:9-10
Plenty of people hear the word, but it only benefits those who believe. Those who hear the word and choose not to believe will not inherit eternal life and neither can we earn it by simply being "good people." 
REPENT – Matthew 4:17, Acts 2:38
To repent means to acknowledge that what you were doing was wrong and then change that behavior. Every one of us has done something wrong and we cannot be good enough to make up for it. We need forgiveness. To repent is like doing a U-turn and instead of continuing to sin you begin to live according to the teachings of Jesus and the disciples. Jesus forgives our sins, but he also expects us to leave our sinful ways behind us. 
CONFESS – Matt 10:32-33, Romans 10:9-10
While part of our faith is our personal relationship with Christ, we can’t keep it a secret! God wants us to tell other people that we believe in Him and that we will follow Him. We can’t be ashamed to be Christians. 
BE BAPTIZED – Acts 2:38, 1 Peter 3:21, Romans 6:3-5
Baptism is how we are cleansed from our sins and given the gift of the Holy Spirit. It also connects us to Christ’s death and resurrection. Baptism is the act of being immersed in water. 
PERSEVERE – 2 Peter 3:18, Matthew 24:13, James 1:22
Keep it together. We must not turn our backs on God. Instead, we should continue to believe in Him and live according to His commands as best we can. Our actions don’t save us, but they are a reflection of what we believe in our hearts. They are a display to both God and other people that we truly love God and one another.