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SoulGate Studios 

We are all about creating games and game-related art. 

We are so glad you have visited our site. Currently we are working on Critical Fail: The Party Game for Your RPG Party. It's a fill-in-the-blank game with RPG themes where players create hilarious situations based on the Prompt played.

We are also working on RESPAWN, a card game that takes the FPS experience and brings it to the tabletop scene. Follow the latest updates on our Facebook or check out the page linked below!


Minimalist Avatar Portrait

For $5, we can create a minimalist avatar from the picture you send us. By sending us a picture to use, you agree that the picture is of you or that the person in it has given their consent for it to be used for artistic purposes. Commissions will typically take around 2 business days from the time we have received both the picture to use and the payment. Please do not send us any explicit materials. We will not do any work with that kind of content. Very slight alterations to the picture can be made when we produce the avatar. If there is anything specific you want changed or emphasized, please let us know when you contact us!

To order, please fill out the form below or email us at and include with your email the picture you would like us to use. We will reply with a PayPal invoice and will get to work as soon as we are able once the payment is received. 

Respawn Box Transparent.png
blood dice small detail v2.png


We'd love to hear from you

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