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Vanguard leads an elite squad to deal with alien threats. These soldiers are trained from their childhood and represent the peak of human conditioning. Cold and calculating but also quick to action, Vanguard gets the job done with deadly efficiency. When the Crystal crashed on his planet, he and his squad were some of the first to arrive on the scene. 


LBK is no mere robot. An alien species of feline humanoids was facing extinction as their home world was overrun by an invasive alien species that devoured everything in its path. LBK was created by her planet's greatest minds in order to store their DNA and recreate their species on a new home planet. Launched into space, her A.I. developed a few quirks during her solitary search over the millennia. One fateful day, she came across a crystal of enormous power traveling through space. LBK followed it until it crashed on a planet teaming with life. 

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Lady Victoria

Lady Victoria works for a secretive group of that studies and collects objects of power. When an alien crystal crash-landed on the planet and began pulsating with incredible energy, she was immediately sent out to investigate and retrieve the object if possible. Victoria was born and raised within the society and is excited to be on assignment for such a unique find. 




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Dr. Rose


Captain Ragnus Kayne