This page is dedicated to the art of Teodor Foca. Q12 is your source for the best in illustrations, concept art, and paintings. If you need quality art, Q12 is where you should go. Comics, sketches, logos... Teodor delivers. He has provided many illustrations for our upcoming game, RESPAWN, and we cannot recommend him to you enough. 

If you wish to contact Q12 concerning an art commission, you can contact him directly at 


More art by Q12 can be seen at the links provided below. Viewers should be aware that as an artist, Q12 has art covering a broad spectrum of categories, some of which are intended for mature audiences only. By following the below links, users acknowledge that they are of the proper and legal age for viewing such material and they will in no way hold SoulGate Studios LLC responsible for any of the content encountered. Viewer discretion is advised. 


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