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What is RESPAWN?

Short Answer: A Fast-Paced Shoot'm-up Card-Game

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Body - LBK.png
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Respawn brings the feeling of FPS Arena combat to the tabletop in the form of a card-game. Players take turns by choosing two actions. They can LOOT from the pile of items and weapons, they can SHOOT other players, they can use items, take cover, or Respawn if they had died. There are all kinds of weapons, items, and upgrades in the loot pile to give you an advantage over your opponents. To shoot your opponents, you roll a number of dice and do damage as indicated by the weapon cards you have equipped your character with. Get a player to "0" health and you have scored a kill. The first player to reach a certain score wins! It's real simple and real fun. We hope you will follow us here or on our Facebook page so that you see the latest news concerning the game development. Thanks for having a look!

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Here you will find most of the artwork that has been gathered in preparation for Respawn. Some of it is concept art while others will make their way into the game itself. Hope you enjoy your sneak peak into the game.

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Thisis an alternate costume artforAbaddon as drawn by q12a. Please k. owthat hisgallery contais 18+ mateials.
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